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Steadfast Campus Learning Management System (LMS)

How Combinate™ and Steadfast Group automated the Learning Centre with Learning Management System

Steadfast Campus Learning Management SystemSteadfast Campus Learning Management System


The Steadfast Group is the largest general insurance broker network and the largest group of underwriting agencies in Australasia, with growing operations in Asia and Europe.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: SDF) they continue to grow their network and expand into new regions.

In 2018, Insites and Family Day Care Australia launched an online web application that fully automates the national police check experience. This has sped up the police check application processing from weeks to a few minutes. The online application uses machine learning to automate the identity verification procedures and process images and documents.

This reduces the need for manual intervention. Instead of spending months of work training and building custom machine learning powered solutions, Insites has made the most out of the existing AI services of AWS for image and facial analysis. This decision helped reduce the engineering costs and allowed the company to speed up the launch of an online national police check application being used by hundreds of users per day.

Steadfast Courses


Easy to discover the courses/modules and take the exam

Each Steadfast Campus module is made up of at least one 'learning resource' (i.e. a PDS, fact finder, Code of Practice document, recorded webinar video, etc) that users read or watch prior to completing the assessment) and a multiple-choice assessment.

Webinars must be watched in full prior to taking the assessment for that module to enable the course to be taken. Each multiple-choice assessment contains a randomised set of 5-40 questions and may have more than one answer.

Training Managers

Easy to use reporting system for your training management

Each Brokerage can appoint a particular person as a 'training manager'. Training managers have specific learners/users assigned to them. When logged in, the training manager is able to create reports on this specific group of learners/users and view the training/courses that they are completing/have completed. Training managers also receive emails every time a learner/user submits an assessment and passes or fails. This feature is ideal for training officers/managers to assist in monitoring the training completed by staff.

Steadfast Ratings
Steadfast Assessment


Customisable assessment configuration

Each module has a defined minimum percentage for a pass mark. The LMS will allow users to sit the assessment as many times as they need to, in order to obtain the minimum pass mark, based on the configuration set up.

For every assessment, the individual users 'training manager' receive an email to notify them about the assessment results.

The assessment results report (which appears each time a user submits their multiple-choice answers for assessment), contains a ‘feedback’ button. This button allows users to see which section of the resource contains the answer. This teaches the user why they answered a question incorrectly and where to find the correct information.



Users are able to see a variety of reports of their courses. Courses can be enrolled in, and then taken, from which the result will be a Pass or a Fail with detailed information for the course. A complete breakdown of each answer is provided along with relevant information of where to find applicable information is provided.


CPD Ratings

Each program is CPD rated. CPD ratings display in the course details for each module and a CPD certificate is available to download or print on successful completion of a module.

User Profiles

User Profiles

Upon signing up to the LMS each user is created with a profile within the Campus and is able to update their information or imagery. Their profile shows the certifications they have successfully undertaken and the number of CPD points they have earnt within the prior twelve months.



Each course within the LMS is independently audited by an external agency and provided a CPD rating. Upon successful completion of the course, each user is dynamically created a PDF Certificate which they can save and print if required

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