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Our team is made up  of 40 amazing individuals. We have specialists in business analysis, project management, design, software development and AWS microservices.

Shane McGeorge

Shane McGeorge


Shane has led the build of over 200 software and website projects all over the world.

He is an expert at architecting the technical solutions required to meet complex business objectives with a positive ROI. Having started multiple companies he understands the pressures of business and ensures that each project has consideration for both its technical and commercial approach.

Joshua Arvin Lat

Joshua Arvin Lat


Arvs is APAC's AWS Subject Matter Expert and a Machine Learning Hero. A true technical wizard with business prowess.

His diverse skillsets leverage cloud computing and microservices to grow and scale businesses solutions of all shapes and sizes. His approach is methodical and meticulous. Spotting edge cases and potential issues before they arise is one of his strengths.

Patrick O'Sullivan

Patrick O'Sullivan


Patrick has led business change and operational improvements in enterprise and SME businesses for over a decade.

He has an amazing ability to translate business goals into technical requirements for delivery by our team. His developer background provides an edge across all levels of business and he fully understands what it takes to bring a project to life.

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